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OSS, X.Aftermarket Konferansı’nda Gelecek Trend ve Tehditleri Değerlendirdi
OSS, X.Aftermarket Konferansı’nda Gelecek Trend ve Tehditleri Değerlendirdi
Turizm Firmalarının Tercihi Otokar Oldu
Turizm Firmalarının Tercihi Otokar Oldu
SAF-HOLLAND app with extended function in 15 languages

SAF-HOLLAND app with extended function in 15 languages

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1 Aralık 2018 Cumartesi - 12:34


OKT Trailer's claims to operate based on its principles of speed, flexibility and speaking the same language and the company defends its view that it should closely follow and adapt technological advancements.


The company has celebrated the launch of its latest generation R&D Centre Curiosity Center with a spectacular event where it has invited press members as well. OKT Trailer has also introduced the Shining Star at its launch event held in Aydın. The company has become the first manufacturer to be authorized in Turkey and broke yet another new ground in Turkey.

Owners of various foreign and Turkish companies as well as their representatives have attended the event where the Shining Star was introduced. The model was manufactured with a completely shiny exterior surface, unique engineering and the claim of perfect workmanship. Thanks to the conical tanker semi-trailer, OKT has added value to its brand by becoming the only manufacturer authorized in Turkey and one of the only few companies to be approved around the world.

On the launch event of the Shining Star, the vehicle's promotional video that was filmed in Aydın city center, has been shown with a lyrical dance and the following Trone dance team took the stage and livened up the event. Guests had a lot of fun at the event where Gencer Savaş Band made a surprise appearance.

Shining Star's presentation began after the entertainment. The "Shining Star" has been realized through the brand's new motto, "Curious for Better" and it has shined out at the Curiosity Center. The model's features include important elements like POSE, its mirror shine unpainted exterior surface and compliance with international standard.

Project-Oriented Customer Expectations (POSE)

After the analysis of project-oriented customer expectations that push the limits of OKT's unique know-how, the company has designed, planned, manufactured, tested, verified and certified the special alloy aluminium material for the conical-cylindrical cross-sectioned fuel tanker for the first time in Turkey and adapted it for this project. In addition to unique features like the unibody seamless plates that are positioned traverse to the main body structure, the longest stitch weld technology used for the welding points of these plates as well as the continuous high-performance robotic welding technology; customer expectations have also been taken into consideration.

Certified for SASO 2288/2005 Standards

The product was adapted for customer demands and its compliance with the SASO 2288/2005 standards have been verified and certified by the international auditing company SGS. As a result, the product's compliance with the national, regional and international standards has been verified.

Mirror Shine Unpainted Exterior Surface

The highlight difference of the project is the use of a mirror-shine special alloy aluminium material to eliminate the need of paint in contrast to the exterior surfaces of standard fuel tankers manufactured in Turkey and Europe that are coated with paint. The difficult aspects of producing an unpainted exterior surface makes it necessary to perfectly and impeccably handle, plastic mould and weld the mirror-shine special aluminium alloy material and provide an error-free production. As a result, the goal was to offer a smooth, uncovered and perfect visual quality on the exterior surface of the tanker. In addition, this primer-free surface process shines out with its eco-friendly characteristic as it does not cause any emissions of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Verified Manufacturer in The Worldwide Project

One of the world's leading oil producers ARAMCO has announced its ADR and SASO certified tanker renewal program, which creates a new market opportunity for aluminium fuel tanker manufacturers around the world. Thanks to its expertise, infrastructure and experience in producing aluminium tankers as well as its special project planning capabilities and export affinity, one of the leading manufacturers of the Turkish trailer sector, OKT has become a verified manufacturer in such an important project in the international platform.

By earning the privilege of becoming the first manufacturer to be certified in Turkey and one of the few that have ever been verified around the world, OKT Trailer continues to add value to its brand.

Economic Contributions

According to OKT's announcement, the project's total potential is about 18 thousand tankers and it is estimated that so far, about 28 percent of the project has been covered. The announcement stated that economically, the market is equivalent to at least 1,1 Billion Euros and that about 800 Million Euro of that market has not yet been met. They said: "We can see the significance of the charm of this opportunity. If we consider other member states in the Arab League as well as other markets with similar product demands, we could talk about an even more astronomical market figure."

Prestige of Representing Turkey

Aramco's effectiveness as well as its role model position in the Arab League would bring strong business opportunities to our country from the member states of the Arab League and other regional nations. In addition, the Central and South American countries, with the US in particular, are also alternative potential countries that have similar product demands.


OKT Trailer has inaugurated its uniquely design R&D Centre called "Curiosity Center". The company stated: "For us, curiosity means a better future." and shared its new manifest that will shape the building blocks of its new brand position and guide its vision.

Justice and Development Party's Group President and Ankara Deputy Naci Bostancı, Aydın Deputy Metin Yavuz, President of Aydın Chamber of Industry Mehmet Yunus Şahin, institution managers, representatives of non-governmental organisations and political parties have attended the inauguration event of OKT Trailer's R&D Centre where the performance of the janissary band and folk-dance team have attracted a lot of attention especially from the foreign guests.

The engineers and technical staff that will be employed at the center, will constantly work on making design projects and operate with the claim of providing rapid and perfect service for the demands of their business partners. In addition, OKT aims to conduct software R&D activities that cover integrated business intelligence applications that virtualizes the know-how of the company and single handedly manages its accessible, traceable and visible ERP and Industry 4.0 system.

As the center has been conducting research for a long time, it has become the 4th R&D Centre of the trailer sector, 8th of the Aydın province and 964th of Turkey. Following its inauguration, the center will study how to improve every step of their job, how to solve the problems, how to better use their resources and how to be more efficient; in order to explore a better and newer alternative.

OKT Trailer's Manifest!

OKT Trailer has announced a manifest during the inauguration of its R&D Centre:

"For Us, Curiosity Means a Better Future"

Curiosity has always been the sole thing that brought humans into existence in the universe. Curiosity is the first thing that stepped foot on the moon. Because curiosity looks for a better and more beautiful future, questions, tries to understand, produces innovative solutions, explores and never gives up. It always carries us a step further.

Our goal is to always carry your business "a step further". That's why we're curious. We realize the needs of the trailer and vehicle mounted equipment sector even "before they become essential" and manufacture innovative, user-friendly and productive products. We give direction to technologies that may go beyond your expectations.

Probably out of our curiosity, we've managed to change the habits of the sector with each project. We broke new grounds. But we've never been interested in having the highest numbers.

Our quality certificates have been catalysts that lead us to create and develop new technologies, advance and become even more curious. We're curious about the entire world and not just our own region. For now, we're present on 3 continents. With each new day, we create permanent values and solid partnerships for all of our stakeholders by providing special solutions for the needs of new geographies.

For us, curiosity is not just innovation, engineering or technology. For us, curiosity means a better and profitable day for the future.

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